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Bloody Corner

at Northam near Bideford in North Devon

Ancient records of Northam exist from around the 10th/11th Century and the story of the battle with “Hubba the Dane” at Bloody Corner in the late 9th Century. Tradition says he landed at what is now Boathyde (Hyde meaning a Cove) with a fleet of 33 ships and marched to attack the “Hill Fort” at Kenwith. The legend is that they were defeated by Odun, Earl of Devon. He and 1000 of his men were killed: the men were buried at Bonehill (Bunhill was the old name for a burial ground) and he was buried in a Cairn, in the area now known as Hubbastone. There is a stone tablet at Bloody Corner in Northam, erected by Charles Chappell, which reads:

 “Stop Stranger Stop,

Near this spot lies buried

King Hubba the Dane,

 who was slayed in a bloody retreat,

 by King Alfred the Great”

We shall probably never know what really happened or who was really involved. There is also an area in Northam Woods called 'The Copse', known as King Alfred’s Cave, and is reputed to be where King Alfred hid from the Vikings/Danes.



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